Our great interest is Natural Health. Can this be combined with a low-stress Home Business venture

Hi, we are two guys, one living in London and the other near Norwich in the UK. We got together to provide information from our research into various home business options and traditional natural health solutions.

Both on the natural health and home business front we hope to provide you with a few useful insights.

We all feel much better without money worries and often have ideas as to how we might start a business from home.

It has to be said, that over time we have found our primary interest in natural health and it's many remedies has far outgrown the home business side (although maintainance will continue).

We all know of a traditional remedy (or two) to help maintain our health or cure a health problem, but nowadays health benefits of natural products are constantly in the news.

Many people will remember their first experience of using a natural medicine.

How about a 'Dock Leaf' as a remedy for stinging nettles?

Did you know that the Chinese have used green tea as an appetite suppressant for weightloss for centuries?

Similarly with home business, we are all exposed to things like network marketing, but what exactly is it?

Does anyone actually make money from it?

I believe we all know there are many natural alternatives to prescribed medicines; also, there are now alternatives to conventional business opportunities available through the use of the internet technology.

Also, there are now alternatives to conventional business opportunities available through the use of the internet technology.

The world of home-based business is expanding and booming.

Are you maybe thinking of ways to de-stress your life and become healthier?

I wanted a better lifestyle, more time at home and to find a natural way to improve and maintain my health.

Sometime ago we discovered the natural health benefits of products such as Cinnamon, Green Tea and Aloe Vera, to name just three.

Using natural products very quickly started to have results and I certainly feel much healthier, both physically and mentally than in my junk-food days.

Some small truths:
  • The internet is a catalyst for change and provides opportunities for lifestyle change, information and income.
  • Whether we like it or not, as we get older health does becomes a growing concern.
  • Health in all its forms is one of the 21st century’s most rapidly expanding industries and natural products are readily available to advance health.
  • Home working is a lifestyle choice and can take many forms.

John and I (my name is David) have each written different parts of this site and you’ll probably pick up on our different styles.

We hope you enjoy your journey through the Natural Health and Home Business articles.

There are opportunities for providing feed-back and recipes which we hope you will use.

To check us out, please go to About Us.

Benefits of Aloe
The benefits of aloe are far ranging. Come take a look to find out more.
apple cider vinegar
For the health conscious consumer of both food and drink, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is gaining ground in the popularity stakes
A flaxseed is a sesame-sized seed removed from the plant and used to provide us with healthy 'whole seeds', ground seeds' and 'oil'.
Benefits of Green Tea
After water, Tea is the most consumed drink in the world. Do you know the benefits of green tea?
Honey bees. Will the world survive without them?
Do you know what honey bees provide? So obviously natural and so very healthy.
Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet has proven to be probably the most healthiest of diets worldwide.
Natural Health Remedies
Today health and wellbeing is set to be the next trillion dollar industry and natural health remedies have never been so popular.
Have you tried avocado? NO? You really don't know what you are missing. Nutrient rich and very very healthy.
Bananas are a wonderful fruit that can also help prevent a substantial number of ailments and should be part of everyone's daily diet.
Baobab is set to be the health food of 2010 as it packs an impressive nutritional punch
Blueberries may be small in size but they pack a good healthy punch
Botanically speaking rhubarb is a tart vegetable but it has been treated as a fruit for a very long time
Tomatoes have an important role to play in our lives as they contain a good source of vitamins and minerals
Benefits of Cinnamon
Do you know what health benefits of Cinnamon there are? Enjoy reading about one of 7 of the world's most potent disease-fighting Spices
Growing Coriander began in Europe and is now used worldwide.
Benefits of Garlic
The benefits of garlic have been known for centuries and can play an important role in your health
Ginger Spice
Ginger spice was once as common as salt and vinegar on the dining tables of Western Europe.
Skin Rashes
Have you tried using natural remedies to alleviate skin rashes? Here are some tried and tested home remedies.
Type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes, an epidemic that gathers more speed every year
Aromatherapy benefits
Aromatherapy benefits many people as a modern complementary therapy which has its roots in the past and has worldwide appeal
Benefits of pilates
The Benefits of Pilates have long been recognised by athletes, equestrians and dancers. There are benefits to us where office work and commuting cause bad posture, bad backs and low energy levels.
Equestrian Pilates
If you are recovering from a riding injury and/or wanting to optimise your riding performance, an equestrian Pilates course can help you accelerate your abilities to do so.
Reiki Healing
Reiki healing therapy benefits mind,body and spirit. Originated in 1922 in Japan, discovered by the west in the 1990s this technique has life enhancing benefits.
Benefits of yoga
Not only a physical exercise regime, the health benefits of Yoga are effective against all ailments of mind, body and spirit.
Home business ideas and opportunities
Home business ideas, the opportuinites they present plus tips on affiliate, network and multi-level marketing.
A HomeBusiness and what it could mean to you.
Starting a Home Business
Is starting a home business your passport to future financial stability in these uncertain times?
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