Now part of the growing number of complimentary therapies, the benefits of Yoga help many aspects of modern life.

The benefits of Yoga can be seen whether you are suffering from digestive disorders or depression.

The branches of Yoga are always evolving, nowadays embracing prenatal yoga for expectant mothers to yoga meditation for anxiety or stress.

We all know the word Yoga and vaguely understand it involves stretching exercises.

Sure, stretching is an important aspect of this therapy, but more crucial is the use of yoga to create balance, flexibility and strength.

It was first practised in India and the word itself comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘union’.

Its goal is to unify mind, body and spirit and Yoga positions or postures, practised regularly can bring natural relief to physical and mental problems.

There are countless Yoga for beginners classes and whilst we all have an idea that Yoga benefits fitness and health, it’s sometimes not clear what specific benefits come from the regular practise of this ancient discipline.

So to inspire you to look deeper into the subject here are a few of the health benefits of Yoga:

  • Most of us are not trained in posture and this is key to the practise of Yoga.
    1. Breathing and posture go together.
    2. Yoga positions are designed to allow the lungs to take in more oxygen, which in turn energises both mind and body.

  • Health is often compromised by the stressful nature of our lives.
    1. Yoga meditation is part of a regular regime of focussing your mind in the exercise of various yoga positions.
    2. This brings relaxation and peace of mind.

  • Bad posture creates physical problems such as neck and back pain and even stomach problems.
    1. If your body is in balance and in alignment, these problems of our modern lifestyle are minimised.

The truth is that Yoga benefits your whole being.

It promotes awareness of your body and has had startling effects on even the most intimate parts of personal life.

A heightened awareness of body image and greater flexibility can work wonders in improving your sex life.

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