About us.
Our lives, so far, in a nutshell.
A chance meeting at a company presentation set us on our current journey.

Where do you start when talking about yourself?
Here's a brief resume I hope you find interesting.

I started in accounts, but most of working life has been in IT, from the humble 'data control clerk' through the various levels until I reached the dizzying height of 'IT consultant'.
So I have been a 'IT techie' of one sort or another for many years.
I have enjoyed several stints abroad and the opportunities they presented (i.e. USA, Africa and Middle East).

A year or so ago I attended a business presentation regarding a 'work from home' opportunity.
Around Christmas 2008 I discovered a web-building facility - Solo Build It.

Now I combine the two, as and when I please.

Hi there, I’m the non-technical half of the team. I’ve spent most of my working life in the food and beverages industry, working for tea and coffee companies in marketing and sales roles.

I have worked as a consultant for the last few years and have learned the great pleasure and freedom of operating a home-based business.

I’ve always been interested in natural remedies and my time in the tea industry was great. It not only opened my eyes to the health benefits of tea, but also allowed me to travel to many countries in Asia and Africa. I discovered a long history of using herbs and spices to maintain good health.

John and I both share a strong interest in maintaining good health and we both, after years of employment, enjoy the benefits of a home business.

Hope you like the site.

By the way, since writing this, a group of unethical competitors has launched a Google bomb against Solo Build It!. If you have ever considered using Solo Build It! for your website, you need to be able to tell the difference between the true information about this company and information planted to cause problems. The Solo Build It Scam Site will provide you with eyeopening info you can use to make a decision.

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