Nations and Empires have fought wars over the supply of natural health remedies

Wild Thyme

Growing up as I did in rural Norfolk in the east of England, I was often aware of Gypsies selling natural health remedies like Wild Thyme and mint elixirs for curing bad breath.

So I’m always surprised when people think of natural cures for ailments as so much quackery.

I also had an aunt who kept Bees and supplied my family with Beehive products. Not just Honey, but Royal Jelly, a great source of energy and vitality.

Country fairs have always featured natural products that offer natural health benefits.

So why the suspicion and what’s this about war?
Perhaps people are suspicious in the 21st century, because we have forgotten the history and importance of traditional natural health remedies for many modern ailments.

Well did you realize that in the 15th and 16th centuries Nutmeg was the cause of wars between Holland and England?
It was a trade off by the Dutch of New Amsterdam for the Nutmeg-rich islands of the English in the East Indies that had that city renamed New York.

During the 19th Century the British fought wars with China to get tea supplies for the growing demand back home of tea, drunk for the health-giving properties as well as for social reasons. The antioxidant rich health qualities of tea are even more valued today.

I love the maxim ‘doctor to yourself ’.

Modern medicine has its place, but it’s truly amazing how many solutions to many ailments we suffer are available through nature. These can be collected, grown or purchased.

Common Lemon Balm

Common Lemon Balm is grown in gardens in southern England and in pots all over the country is a member of the mint family. It has anti-viral and bacteriological properties, which helps digestion, treats colds and relieves cramp and headaches.

The beauty is that there are literally hundreds of equally medicinally effective treatments available in our gardens, in the countryside and in our markets.

Did you know that nutmeg and nutmeg oil was used in traditional medicine to cure illness related to digestive and nervous systems?

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