The 1990s introduced Reiki healing into the growing list of alternative complimentary therapies being taken seriously in the West and saw a flowering of Reiki practitioners

7 chakras
To many this technique is still very new although reiki healing was originated in 1922 in Japan.

Similar to Yoga, it is administered by the laying on of hands.

Its prime objective is the relief of stress by tapping into the life-force and spiritual energy contained in the body.

The life force uses energy pathways called reiki chakras and practitioners focus on these areas of the body to accelerate healing and feelings of wellbeing.

Does this sound like the age-old stories of Faith Healers?

Well, it is now understood that holistic treatments for physical, spiritual, mental and emotional problems can be effective. Since the last decade of the 20th Century reiki massage and reiki therapy have become popular in many western countries.

What is a Chakra?

Eastern understanding is that a universal life force flows through the head through pathways or Chakras.

If these become blocked the potential for fulfilment is lowered.

What can block a Chakra?

Traumas in childhood, cultural restrictions, physical and emotional injuries, bad habits, lack of attention or indeed too much attention and so on.

We all carry a bit of our problems with us through life.

How does a Reiki massage feel?

Those people using this treatment regularly report ’feeling a wonderful glowing radiance flowing through and around the body’.

Most will feel that reiki healing treatment will positively effect physical ailments but also their emotions, confidence and generally contribute to a happier life.

You can see that Reiki like its sibling Yoga is as much a life enhancer as a therapy.

It is an entirely positive experience which, when willingly undertaken yields many people great benefits.

The father of Reiki Dr Mikao Usui died in 1926 leaving a few students who became Reiki masters teaching others and to this day the practise of reiki is a sharing experience rather than a teaching one.

By 1980 Reiki was still a primarily Japanese therapy, but during the 1990s the practise had been discovered by the US and Europe and has in 2010 firmly established itself as a lifestyle therapy.

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