Apple cider vinegar could be considered as one of nature’s perfect foods

Pure organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) should be unpasteurised, of a rich, brownish colour and have a heavy pungent odour.

When held up to the light you should see a formation of cob-web like substance floating in it.

Do not worry as this is a natural substance called “mother”.

This substance contains living nutrients and bacteria which settle in the bottom of the bottle, just like sediment.

Sodium (organic)

It contains powerful enzymes and important minerals.

There is also natural malic acid (in grapes too), very useful for fighting body toxins.

Please do not confuse cider vinegar with malt vinegar.
Malt vinegar is refined and processed, containing none of the above natural qualities.

Drinking cider does not have beneficial effects on health either, as it is also very acidic.

Too much toxic acid in the body can cause an array of problems such as migraines, bronchitis and diverticulitis.
Anything with ‘itis’ is an inflammation of a particular organ.

Malt vinegar is very acidic and could make any inflammation worse.

A Perfect Food?

Who knows, but apple cider vinegar could help to: -

  • reduce weight
  • rid the body of poisons.
  • fight sore throats
  • relieve headaches and migraines

It has many more benefits and may even help fight kidney stones and bladder infections.

If the body has an excess of uric acid it can lead to rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Drugs like anti-inflammatory and steroids are prescribed to help alleviate pain, but all produce various dangerous side effects.

Taking apple cider vinegar as part of a good diet may well help lessen symptoms.

Why would this be?

Apple cider vinegar:-

  1. Acts as a body cleanser on the liver and helps dispose of poisons.
  2. Is helpful in digestive disorders as it closely resembles gastric juices.
  3. Contains valuable vitamins and trace elements.
  4. Improves metabolism and therefore deals with excess fat in the body.
  5. Aids digestion and absorption.
  6. Relieves laryngitis, coughs, asthma and sore throats.
  7. Both your liver and kidney troubles respond to it i.e. cystitis.

As you can see ACV can aid many parts of your body.

The very best apples for cider vinegar are those grown organically.

As the saying goes,‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

It is a rich source of potassium.

Potassium keeps arteries flexible and resilient.

Lack of this mineral and side effects of drugs contribute to feeling constantly run-down and tired.

It may help fight dangerous bacterial viruses.

Try these remedies for

  • Sore Throats

    Add 1-2 teaspoons of clear honey to half a pint of warm water (boiled water can destroy some of the minerals).

    Honey is a natural energy giving product.

    Add one desert spoon of organic cider vinegar.

    The vinegar can kill germs or viruses, the main cause of the problem.

    Adjust both the honey and cider vinegar content to suit.

  • Arthritis

    With a little help the body is a fantastic healer.

    Acid crystals build up in the body throughout our lives.

    Organic cider vinegar can help dissolve these crystals and pass them out naturally through the kidneys.

    Osteoarthritis is an extremely painful condition found in the wrists, knees, feet and causing deformity in the finger-joints.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

    Caused by a Streptococcal infection.

    It starts with flu-like symptoms i.e. sore throat, headache, shivering, high temperature etc.

Diet is very important. Try to keep it non-acidic as much as possible.

Supplements will help boost your system.

  • Blood Pressure

    Organic cider vinegar may help dissolve the body acids, preventing the blood thickening.

    This may help tackle high blood pressure.

    The ‘powerful’ potassium helps strengthen the heart muscle.

    A diet rich in natural body cleansers i.e. beetroot, parsley, celery, cucumber, carrots, onions and green salads.

    Adding organic cider vinegar freely helps combat the build up of uric acid, a cause of kidney stones.

  • Overweight

    Apple cider vinegar may help with the support of a balanced diet.

    It is a powerful diuretic, helping to drain the body of excess fluid.

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