The word eczema is from the ancient Greek term describing inflamed skin. Natural remedies derive from ancient tried and tested methods

Throughout history eczema conditions have been brought on by allergies to various everyday foodstuffs like eggs, milk, nuts etc..

It is characterized by one or more of these symptoms: -

  • redness
  • skin swelling (edema)
  • itching and dryness
  • flaking
  • blistering
  • cracking

It goes without saying that the source of the allergy is sometimes hard to pin down.

Friends of mine that have , or have had, this skin disorder often ignored it or covered it up. They didn't want to seek the help of modern prescribed medicinal treatments, which are often ineffective.

Its worth looking at how treatments, pre-dating the world of modern medicine, dealt with skin complaints and you might find these prove more effective than pharmaceutical solutions.

Ever fancied a mud bath?

Well you might not have to go that far, but mudpacks have been used for millennia to soothe and remove itchiness of the skin and can be an effective treatment.

Coconut oil is used in many East African countries to cleanse the skin of toxins and has a high success rate in alleviating the symptoms of many skin complaints.

I have mentioned the effectiveness of Aloe Vera gel in many articles in this website and I make no apology for once more highlighting the restorative qualities of this ‘miracle plant’ as an eczema treatment.

South sea islanders have long used the indigenous Nutmeg as a cure for skin problems and nutmeg powder is here turned into a paste and applied to infected areas with surprisingly rapid healing results.

Many of the treatments for skin rashes are effective across all varieties of skin disorders and the Mint and Nettle recipes on the previous page may well be helpful.

A few other traditional solutions to research which traditionally help this problem are:

  • Steeped and mashed almond leaves as a poultice.
  • Evening Primrose oil
  • Flaxseed oil

Once again natural sunlight is a great source of natural benefit with skin problems.

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