Telecommuting - What a great word

It sounds futuristic but telecommuting describes what so many people are looking for, to work in the comfort of their own home.

I mentioned on an earlier page that I worked from home as an employee. Many people holding full-time positions with large corporate companies now work from home.

Other telecommuters are self-employed/freelance beneficiaries of a business that requires regular input on specific tasks or services.
These companies pay on a piecework basis – writing articles, market researching and analysing data being a few examples.

Take what has happened in America.

Virtual Call Center jobs or Homeshoring is a thriving business.

Work from home Call Center Jobs

They have a list of over 200 companies to aid you in your search for a new career from home.
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Advances in communications no longer mean you have to go to the office to stay in touch and carry out your job.
Companies see benefits such as: -

  • Increased productivity from happy home workers.
  • Lower office space costs.
  • Improved morale.
  • Access to part-time or retired employees.
  • Reduced expenditure on equipment.
  • A lower rate of employee turnover.

Every now and again freak weather, school inset days or the need to let the boiler repairman in finds you working from home.

So if your work is not dependent on going to the office and you don't need the hustle-bustle of an office. Think about it.

  • Can you create a case for working at home?
  • Are you already a trusted employee? This will give you credibility.
  • Can you maintain or improve your performance at home?
  • Is your home a suitable and practical place to work?
  • What is the benefit for your employer?
  • Who shall you talk to about this? Human resources? Your Boss?

Many companies are actively looking at this option. You might find yourself pushing at an open door.
When I took this route I prepared a case stating the benefits to my company for me to work at home.
Take soundings and don't expect overnight results.

Maybe you want paid employment, but on a task-by-task basis.

  • Plan how much time you want to work.
  • Research the opportunities and don't take the first one you find.
  • Make sure you match your skills to the work on offer.
  • Ensure you understand what you need to do and when and what you get paid.

Telecommuting jobs can offer you a secure paid income, but be careful of scams that pose as opportunities.

Good schemes will have a clearly transparent Company behind them.

Let us know of any telecommuting projects you may be involved with

As telecommuting grows more and more industries will take advantage of having their employees based at home.
Let us know if you are in an industry in which this is happening, or, if you believe your own role would benefit from being home-based.

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