What you should look for in good network marketing companies

When I was looking for a part-time, flexible type of business, I thought I would explore the network marketing opportunities route to bring in some extra income.

After all, the network marketing business (NMB) is now going through a major expansion and many household names such as Avon, Tupperware, Forever Living and Amway are involved in this sector.

A network marketing company often has exclusive and high quality products to work with. They offer low up-front investment to join their programs, usually a few hundred pounds only. In contrast franchise opportunities can run to many thousands.

There are over 3000 network marketing companies so I recommend taking a look at the products being sold and crucially the support offered to build a business. From my point of view there was a focus on natural health products, which narrowed the field a bit.

Most people will work part time on their NMB and in the early days will need a good deal of help and guidance. Look for a company you can communicate with easily and ideally one that has offices or product depots in your locality.

Here are some tips to evaluate the options:

  • Find an established company with a long track record of success.
  • Investigate the financial status, particularly at the moment. Are they sound?
  • Select a product line which is in demand and which you are interested in.
  • Ideally look for a consumable product requiring regular purchase by users.
  • Seek out a compensation plan which rewards part-time effort.
  • Ensure it has a proven system of sale/sponsorship success.
  • Ask questions. Can it provide help and training to accelerate the success of your business?

For a guide to specific information, check out the 'Direct Selling Association(DSA)' - Here (opens a new page)

On a personal level, if I want help with my business, I don’t want 'answer phones' or an 'anonymous central switchboard'.

What I want is a 'sponsor' who will actively help me through the early stages of building the business. A good mentor is a major advantage in this industry.

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