Home based business opportunities come in many guises

What does 'home based business opportunities' mean to you?
Here's a little something I hope will help in your understanding.

Passions and interest can offer you many traditional routes for a home base business.

We so easily get so caught up with computers and new technologies that we forget that ‘at home business opportunities’ are as old as the hills.
Before the industrial revolution these were called cottage industries.

So, although you are reading this on a website there are hundreds of opportunities to start a business that don’t involve you touching a computer.
More than likely you’ll use it to organise your administration.

I suppose the obvious examples of ‘home work business opportunities’ are available in the Bed and Breakfast sector. You earn income when people stay in your house. This is a full-time, albeit often seasonal, business.

Below are some home based business opportunities or ideas:

  • Craft manufacturing.
    Have you ever fancied yourself as a candle maker? Are you creative? Can you turn your pottery hobby into a business?

  • In-home baking and party catering.
    How many children’s parties have you been to that would benefit from a service you could offer?

  • Gardening or landscaping.
    Remember we have an increasingly elderly population that might very well look favourably on a local gardening service.

  • Pet industries.
    If you love animals there are many home based opportunities from pet breeding to pet accommodation and dog walking to dog grooming that lend themselves to a business idea.

  • Many people work at home using alternative therapies as the engine of their business.
    Massage, Reiki, Pilates and many others can be a rewarding way of creating income.

  • Can you teach a musical instrument or run art classes?

So whether you are a budding work at home mom (wahm) researching local business opportunities, or a young business builder, don’t overlook the basic formula for good business:

  • Explore a demand for a product or service.

  • Research the competition.

  • Price reasonably and provide good value for money.

A young entrepreneur, who also sells guitars, teaches my son to play guitar. He bases himself at home and is gradually building a business. When we needed a new guitar of course we bought it from him.

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