The great thing about green tea weight loss is that it works without the need to eat a low-calorie diet

I came to realise and learn about Green tea weight loss, it's health benefits and more when I worked in the tea industry for many years.

Green tea burns calories and there are plenty of references in Chinese proverbs and Chinese traditional medicine that show this has been known for centuries.

Japanese Green Tea

Only a few months ago I decided I needed to lose some weight, so I turned to Green tea and it has helped me lose 10 kilos.

Next time you are in your local health store, have a look at the diet shelf.

Many of the diet pills on sale will mention green tea in their ingredient list.

As I mentioned, I was in the tea industry, and whilst there I was lucky enough to get hold of some very useful information.

It included that which makes the drinking of green tea, green tea extract or even green tea capsules, so helpful in losing weight:

  • It increases metabolism and burns fat.

  • Drinking green tea blocks the conversion of energy into fat.

  • It helps in the absorption of less dietary fat.

  • The consumption of green tea regulates blood sugar levels and reduces food cravings.

That last point is very pretty useful if you want to lose weight. I’ve now been able to use an entire wardrobe of clothes I haven’t worn for years!

Don’t believe clever marketing which leaves the impression that green tea weightloss is an overnight sensation.

I drink, on average, 6 cups of green tea a day and without really altering my lifestyle it has enabled me to lose a substantial amount of weight.
But then again, I needed to.

If you think about it, doing exercise has the same effect, burning off fat.

You can think about every cup of green tea as a long run.

Oh and 'yes', green tea antioxidants are good for the heart too!

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