Historically aloe juice has been used as a soothing balm, applied to cuts, scrapes and burns

Aloe juice, as with aloe gel, is also available to drink. The main difference is the the gel has a thicker consistency.

So it can be appled both internally and externally.

Men's health, something I am more concerned with these days, and women's health issues are very much to the fore these days.

Why not use the health benefits of aloe vera to assist your feeling of wellbeing?

Internally, benefits include:

  • improved circulation,
  • regulation of blood pressure
  • promoting the healing of bones and joints
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • defending the body against bacteria
  • healing of internal tissue damage
  • healing ulcers
  • improving and even eliminating constipation
  • blood sugar regulation
  • reduces itchiness in psoriasis thereby helping the healing process

Drinking one to four ounces a day (30-120ml) is all that is required to gain the many benefits of aloe vera juice.

Taken on a daily basis, which is something I do, aloe vera can:
  • aid your digestion
  • improve your circulation
  • detox your body
  • cleanse your colon

Aloe juice helps to dilate the capilliaries and support cell growth and this leads to improved circulation.

Detoxing properties of aloe juice helps both with your blood stream and digestive tract(if you have intestinal or stomach problems).

Two important aloe vera health benefits are as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents that help prevent the onset of disease in the body.

I can personally vouch that taking aloe vera juice daily helps to maintain good health, providing one with a sense of wellbeing and more energy.

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Aloe Vera Juice can aid Weight Loss.

One of the most valuable health benefits for today's society is aloe vera's ability to assist with weight loss.
It helps to reduce and stabilize the BMI(body mass index).

This done by increasing the metabolic rate in our liver cells, thereby burning more energy.
The energy used for this comes from our fat and carbohydrate stores in the body.

Drinking aloe juice every day has been likened to doing multiple workouts throughout the week.

This will not replace the suggested 20 minutes exercise three times a week, although it helps.

Another good reason is because it has a high content of collagen protein.
This protein requires our body to spend additional energy so as to absorb it into our system.
By using this extra energy it also supports weight loss and muscle development.

Aloe vera reduces the amount of time food stays in your intestine, which means that less energy is absorbed from the food.

Throughout history aloe vera has been associated with achieving healthy body weight and it is not known as "the dietary plant" for nothing.

Aloe Vera Juice And Detoxing

Detoxing is another of the health benefits of aloe vera juice.

Carrisyn is an extract of aloe vera that has been shown to stimulate the production of infection-fighting blood cells.
This, in turn, helps strengthen the immune system.

Aloe vera juice contains a number of amino acids. Three of them, methionine, serine threonine and molybdenum work together to detoxify heavy metals.

They also aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein, tha action of which prevents a build up of fat in the liver and the arteries.

Poor colon health enables toxins to be re-absorbed into your body, causing you to feel 'under the weather' with low energy levels.
The detox and laxative qualities of aloe vera juice will improve the efficiency of your colon.
Extremely important for good health.

Are there any side effects Of Aloe Vera Juice?

For some there maybe possible side effects.

Such side effects reported include allergic reactions, liver dysfunction, nausea, dermatitis and strangely colored urine.
In general these side effects are rare and may well be the result of drinking too much of the juice.
Although you can mix aloe with something like orange juice, do not treat it the same.
Stick with the recommended dose and you should be fine.

You must, however, pay close attention to any side effects and refrain from drinking the juice if you sense a reaction.
Aloe vera juice is neither a cure-all nor a magic potion.

It has been stated that if you are pregnant or breast feeding, have kidney or heart disease, you should avoid aloe vera.

Some say it is not recommended to give aloe juice to children.

I believe that is a decision parents should take, as I have come across several people with young children (18 months and upward) that happily provide a their offspring with a daily dose of aloe.

For most people, the health benefits of aloe vera juice far outweigh any risks.

However it is very important to use this supplement wisely, paying careful attention to your body's responses to it.

Aloe Juice or Aloe Gel.
Do you have a preference?
Has it made a difference to you?

We would love to hear from you as to why you prefer to drink aloe juice rather than aloe gel or vice versa.
Was it life-changing in any way?
What do you think of the taste? Do you mix it with another juice(orange, blackcurrant etc) as I sometimes do?
Do you use aloe vera on your skin. If so, would you tell us why?
We would love to hear your story?

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